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Decade: 2010’s (week August 2-9, 2013)

And the nominees are… Inception (2010, #14) The King’s Speech (2012, #174) The Artist (2011, #228) Which do you think should be declared movie of the week? Also: feel free to nominate best actor/actress and quote. Advertisements

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And this week’s (July 26-August 2) winner is… The Sixth Sense!

Be prepared to get spooked in the next little while everyone, because all week we are going to be–now whisper this–seeing dead people! When the votes came in there was a tie between this movie and Lion King. Poor Fight … Continue reading

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Decade: 90’s (week July 26-August 2, 2013)

And the nominees are… Fight Club (1999, #10)The Lion King (1994, #74)The Sixth Sense (1999, #142) If you don’t know the drill, check out the post below titled “What this blog is about…”

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This week’s (July 19-26) movie of the week is… JAWS!

And this week’s winner is……. Jaws! How fitting that the 1975 summer blockbuster (Which from what I hear paved the way for all future “summer blockbusters. Some even call it the first one ever.) about a giant rogue Great White … Continue reading

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Decade: 70’s (week July 19-26, 2013)

And the nominees are… The Godfather (1972), Jaws (1975), Apocalypse Now (1979) If you don’t know the drill, check out the post below. | | | v

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What this blog is about…

I’ve gotten away from blogging, which is something I really enjoy doing. And I just had an idea for a new and creative one that involves a real love of mine: movies (I suppose if I said “film” it would … Continue reading

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