Decade: 70’s (week July 19-26, 2013)

And the nominees are…
The Godfather (1972), Jaws (1975), Apocalypse Now (1979)

If you don’t know the drill, check out the post below.


11 thoughts on “Decade: 70’s (week July 19-26, 2013)

  1. Excellent choices and a great day for new picks on Friday. I enjoy war movies and I think I have seen every Vietnam movie made. To me a good movie night is watching any mob movie. However my picks are:

    3. Apocalypse Now – everyone raved about this movie and all I heard about was how much a classic it was. I guess with all the hype it didn’t match up to my expectations. I appreciate Brando but not in this one. Always wondered if this was Harrison Ford’s first picture.

    2. Godfather – yes, large hype but this movie delivered. An all star cast and each of them delivered. The horse head scene still in my eyes was well done. My fav part is when you see Michael do the kill in the restaurant. They tell him how to do it and then as he goes to the bathroom and finds the gun everything seems to go in slow motion and the viewer almost anticipates the next move as they know what comes next. To me this is second but a close one.

    1. I hate horror or scarey movies. Why is this movie #1? Any kid that grew up during the 70’s thought of this movie when we were swimming whether it be at the beach, lake or swimming pool. We knew the music and we were scared of sharks yet many of us never saw this movie when we thought about this movie. When I watched this movie for the first time I was an adult and it lived up to expectations in making me jump. “We’re going to need a bigger boat”, great line!

    Actor- Al Pacino
    Actress-Talia Shire

  2. According to IMDB Harrison Ford’s first screen role was in 1966 Dead Heat on a Man.
    All 3 choices are in Roger Ebert’s Great Movies books as well. All 3 are about the main characters journey into down a dark path.
    Don’t throw out the 2 ‘losers’ but look for a way to put them in another category.

    #3 Apocalypse Now. I know you watched it recently because you have my copy.
    #2 Godfather. The movie that made the Mafia human (is this a good thing?) Without Godfather, Sopranos wouldn’t have been excepted.
    #1 Jaws. The first real summer blockbuster. Special effects not great but it has something lacking in many movies of today STORY. Spielberg knew he had a mechanical shark that was giving him problems so he focused on a good script and great characters.

    It would be interesting to see the marketing campaigns for each of these movies and how they differ from today’s.

    Favourite quote was going to be the ‘boat’ one but I submit one from the Godfather “Leave the gun take the canollis”

  3. Sadly, I have nothing to contribute this week, as I have seen none of these movies – but maybe I can fix that this weekend. Can’t wait for next week’s picks!

  4. My vote- Godfather- hands down. Most quoted, most copied, just an absolute classic undoubtedly.
    Second vote- Godfather
    Third vote- Ditto
    Nothing holds a candle to this. Good choices though Troy.

  5. Tough…really, really tough…

    I’m going to have to go with my order of favourites, as opposed to trying to decide which is truly best (probably The Godfather). So, in order from my most favourite…
    1 Jaws
    2 The Godfather
    3 Apocalyps Now

  6. This was a tough one but I have to give #1 to Jaws and #2 to The Godfather. I consider Apocalypse Now a strong third but definitely now more than that. I gave Jaws the #1 because of a few things, Great story, great character development, cultural significance, and even gave rise to a production company (Bad Hat Harry Inc) The Godfather came in a VERY close second because of launching the career of Al Pacino and making sure that Marlon Brando is considered one of the greatest actors ever.

  7. #1 Godfather. The baptism scene is one of the greatest cinematic moments in American film — perfect cutting. The look on Brando’s face after he speaks with the undertaker about fixing up Sonny’s appearance: can you doubt the anguish? This isn’t just one of the best of the 70s; its one of the best period. Odd that it fell off of Sight and Sounds’ top ten list for 2012.
    #2 Apocalypse Now. Interesting idea: take Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and set it in Vietnam. Terrible ideas: Give Brando a part he doesn’t really like and let everyone take all the drugs they want. Sad outcome: the narrative becomes lost in a seemingly endless series of set pieces and shots, all of which are brilliant, but, in the three cuts that exist, don’t add up to a single coherent work. Its awesome, not awful, but it lacks the discipline of vision you find in the Godfather.

    3. Jaws. Fun film.

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