What this blog is about…

I’ve gotten away from blogging, which is something I really enjoy doing. And I just had an idea for a new and creative one that involves a real love of mine: movies (I suppose if I said “film” it would make me sound more artsy and less of a loser, but who am I kidding here?). It’s called Movies of the Week. Every Friday I’m going to take 3 movies from a particular decade that are on the IMDB top 250 and ask anyone who cares to read to comment on which movie they think deserves to be “movie of the week.” I’m going to start with the 70’s, since that was the decade I was born. In fact, one of the movies picked from that decade is the Oscar winner for my birth year and arguably the greatest movie of all time. So if you’re up for it, here’s what to do:

1. The blog. Go to thisweeksmovie.wordpress.com (or just click thisweeksmovie.wordpress.com). You will find the weekly movies listed there. Each Saturday a new list will appear.
2. Your choice. Choose the movie that you believe deserves to be MOTW and leave a comment on the particular blog posting. In your comment box, put your pick as #1 and then put the other two in order of which ones you think are 2nd and 3rd best (in your humble opinion).
3. Your nominees. In the same comment box, nominate any two actors, one male and one femail, from those movies to be actor/actress of the week.
4. Your quote. Feel free to give a favourite quote from the movies listed. A quote of the week will also be announced.
5. The results are in! Every Friday I will publish a new post declaring who I believe are the winners, (based on votes and… well, other factors… I mean I have to reserve some editorial license. I couldn’t possibly let, say, Robert Pattinson beat out Kevin Spacey or anything crazy like that, right?) plus a little commentary on those movies and why they’re on IMDB’s list in the first place.

Alright now, let’s talk movies! (But seriously, keep your yapper shut while the movie’s on. Mm k?)


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