Decade: 90’s (week July 26-August 2, 2013)

And the nominees are…

Fight Club (1999, #10)
The Lion King (1994, #74)
The Sixth Sense (1999, #142)

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7 thoughts on “Decade: 90’s (week July 26-August 2, 2013)

  1. Man Troy, you don’t make it easy. Two movies with twist endings and a cartoon Shakesperean tale. Now I’ve got to watch them again. There is a movie theatre in Ottawa that showed double and triple bills for $7.00. They did something unusual for The Sixth Sense (and The Usual Suspects) you paid your movie and then got to watch the movie twice, the first time to experience the movie and the second time to watch how well crafted the story was. It then became M Knight’s curse to try and follow up the success. To this day “I see dead people” is quoted (and because of the demise of the penny, I can no longer ask people at the cash, when their change came to 6 cents). Bruce Willis picked another quirky role and there was that creepy kid Haley Joel… One of my all time favourite directors is Alfred Hitchcock and I get the feeling he would have enjoyed the movie, with it’s startling shots of things no one else is seeing.
    I guess my vote is placed because this was a movie that you probably remember who you watched it with and exactly at what point you realized what was really going on. No big explosions, transforming robots just a great story that was original and no sequel!!!
    Fight Club had great acting, again a great story by a great author and it spoke to a large segement of society (mostly male) at the time of it’s release. It had Meatloaf in it as well.
    The Loin King was from Disney’s resurgence and many people saw the film, rode the ride and paid to see the play but compared to the other two it just doesn’t fit.

    “Tyler said you’d say that” from Fight Club near the end when you realize what is really going on.

  2. Troy I thought all week about posting in your blog for the movies from the 70’s but too ashamed as the only movie I had actually seen was Jaws. Didn’t feel right voting when I knew the other two movies were supposed to be so good and I had never taken the time to watch them. Anyway on to the decade that I know best the 1990’s. Before I give my vote let me say that Pulp Fiction being the movie that paved the way for movies such as Fight Club with its great acting and well crafted dialog should have been included, but i digress. The Lion King was at the height of the Disney mid 1990’s resurgence. In 1999-2000 you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing someone say I see dead people. Forever engrained in pop culture vocabulary. Fight Club was so well written and acted but was more one of those movies that people either loved or hated. All three have become pop culture icons for different reasons. My choice is Fight Club (only because Pulp Fiction was so rudely omitted.) As far as the actor of the week there are many great choices. However I do not think anyone held a candle to Ed Norton who in fight club was every bit as good as he was in American History X. As far as actress of the week there really weren’t any strong female roles in the two live action movies you picked 🙂 As far as my favorite quote of the week “What” ain’t no country I’ve ever heard of. They speak English in What?”

  3. I also meant to say that as far as the loin king goes that would probably win movie of the week but on a different blog.

  4. Interesting picks.

    If I start with #3, definitely will be Fight Club. I liked the rule, “don’t talk about fight club” and Ed Nortin is on of my favourite actors but this movie lacked substance in my eyes. At first I was excited to see it but it slowly deteriated and then it was a car crash

    Lion King had a ok story but great music and memorable characters. Also answered that question “whatever happened to that guy who played Benson on TV. Sixth Sense I thought was very good, however I did know the the entire story before watching it as I waited to long to see it. Only problem with this movie was Bruce Willis, I didn’t think he should have been casted in this role.

    Round about way
    #2. Lion King
    #1. Sixth Sense

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