And this week’s (July 26-August 2) winner is… The Sixth Sense!

sixthsenseBe prepared to get spooked in the next little while everyone, because all week we are going to be–now whisper this–seeing dead people! When the votes came in there was a tie between this movie and Lion King. Poor Fight Club got the least amount of votes, but that flick gets the last laugh–it’s number 10 in IMDb’s list of top 250 movies of all time. Not to mention the fact that it has two of today’s very best actors in it, both giving raising-the-bar performances. Like my brother, Norton is one of my all-time favourites. Anyway, we should move on since we’re really not supposed to talk about Fight Club.

So why was TSS chosen as MOTW? Consider the following:

There is such a cool combination of surprises in this movie. Now don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this posting. I hate spoilers. That and people who talk through movies. Moving on… First there is M. Night Shyamalan. At this point he was a new name to most of us movie-goers. Here was a film that just snuck into the theatres and almost immediately had people talking. For a long time it was both cool and funny to lean in towards someone and say, “I see dead people!” or perhaps create a parody where you’re standing in a bakery and whispering, “I see bread people.” And though it’s not quite as popular of a punchline, it’s still quoted throughout popular culture. M. Night was now the favourite director of millions.

Then there was the cast. As more than one person pointed out, this was not a typical role for Bruce Willis. Haley Joel Osment (the kid) both weirded everyone out and won everyone’s hearts with his deep, innocent child eyes. Then there’s all the dead people. Seriously–many actors/actresses who are still virtually unknown were a part of scenes people still refer to today and will continue to for a very long time. For me it was the mom, but I will stop there… no spoilers.

Then there was the twist. I will not identify it, but it’s unforgettable. M. Night seemed to capture the spirit of Hitchcock with this movie. And most of us who love this movie love it first for this it’s jaw dropping ending.

To conclude, I will quote my good friend David: “this was a movie that you probably remember who you watched it with and exactly at what point you realized what was really going on. No big explosions, transforming robots just a great story that was original and no sequel!!!”

Huge Oscar nods, of course, to Fight Club and Lion King. I think I have every song on LK memorized, and if there is a movie that is deeper, more challenging, or more thought-provoking than Fight Club, I don’t know what it is. Very deserving of it’s #10 on IMDb’s list.

Congratulations The Sixth Sense. This is your week.

And the winning quote of the week:
It’s the only quote that showed up in a comment, and I would concur that it’s a good one: “Tyler said you’d say that.”

And the Oscar goes to: Actress: Helena Bonham Carter. She is always great in movies so she deserves to be this week’s actress. Plus the fact that all three movies are male-dominated, so the pickings were slim. No offense Helena.
Actor: Tie: Brad Pitt and Ed Norton. This can’t even be argued, unless you count Mr. Bean’s performance as the Froot Loops bird in LK.

So that concludes another great week of movies. If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas this year, I’d love a pink bar of soap with “Fight Club” embossed on one side.


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