Decade: 70’s; Week: Jan 17-23

Jan 17-23 2014
1. Alien (1979, #49)

2. Rocky (1976, #216)

3. The Sting (1973, #89)


4 thoughts on “Decade: 70’s; Week: Jan 17-23

  1. Rocky was a great movie. The small story that caught on with people to the point that they were standing in the theaters chanting Rocky! Rocky! Who doesn’t like the underdog? The little guy gets the shot of a lifetime and though he doesn’t win makes the world believe he could have won. That trumpet music, ‘Gonna Fly Now’, Cuff and Link, Adrian!, yes it has become almost a parody of itself but it was a great movie that set the bar so so many of it’s copiers.

    But my choice for movie of the week has to go to Alien. Ridley Scott came up with a truly creepy scarey movie, with a constantly changing monster. They say that the cast only knew what page they were to die on but not how, so when they meet the alien they usually look horrified. This was no C.G.I. monster but a man in an Esher suit. The large ship with the small crew. (Evil) Big corporation that puts profits before safety. The mystery of the science officer. The birth of the alien. Ripley’s final confrontation with the monster and although not part of this movie, James Cameron’s sequel kept the franchise going. I still remember as 13 year old seeing the egg movie ads in the paper and wondering what the movie was about, because “In space no one can hear you scream.” Then about 4 years later I purchased a VHS copy of the movie and friends and I watched it in complete darkness and it scared the snot out of us. While living in Toronto Amy made the mistake of letting me choose a movie and we watched Alien and Predator in one night. She told me later that she refused to walk around the apartment alone unless the lights were on.

    It has been so long since I have seen the Sting and it didn’t leave a very big impression on me either. Sorry to all those who love the movie, nothing against the stars but this is a 2 movie race with Alien winning. Now a boxing match between Rocky and Alien (no better not even put that thought in Sly’s head because he might go for it). The alien saying “Cut me”.

    Movie- Alien, Rocky and The Sting
    Best actor- Sly, who wrote the script and brought a vulnerability and dignity to the role.
    Best actress- Sigorney Weaver as Ripley in Alien
    Quote- Cut me Mick from Rocky. (Cringe worthy)

  2. I also wanted to mention that the mood in Alien was what was scary. It was a combo sci-fi/horror movie that left the majority of the gore off screen and in your own mind. Today everything is onscreen and the more outrageous the torture or weapons used the ‘better’. I don’t watch movies in the horror genre these days for just that reason. If you need to see people being cruel to other humans just watch the news.

  3. Sorry for being late

    No Brainer…. Rocky all the way

    Best quote and marriage proposal – “just wondering if you wanted to get married or somethin’ ”

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