Decade: 90’s; Week: Mar 21-27/14

Mar 21-27 14

The Usual Suspects (1995, #23)
The Big Lebowski (1998, #140)
Fargo (1996, #151)

We’re back again to the 90’s. The age of Michael Jordan, Nintendo, and Nirvana. Which of these should be our movie of the week this week?


2 thoughts on “Decade: 90’s; Week: Mar 21-27/14

  1. This is difficult for me. You have one movie in my top 10 (Fargo) another movie if not in my top 10, definitely in my top 20 (The Usual Suspects) and then just a movie I love (Big Lebowski). The Usual Suspects falls in a category I call chasing the dragon, after your first hit of heroin, which since its the internet I need to say I have never done. The Usual Suspects, Sixth Sense and another Kevin Spacey (my favorite actor) movie, Seven are all in this category. All these movies, although amazing, lose something after the first viewing and and can never be regained after knowing the surprise ending like an O. Henry story. Then you have two Coen Brothers’ (my favorite director/ producer) movies Big Lewboski and Fargo.
    In the end I chose Fargo for a few reasons. First, it is one of those truth is stranger than fiction movies, like Bernie (a movie that did not get near enough respect). Second, it is brilliantly acted, written and directed. Third, and why I think this movie is so loved, is because more than any other film, it makes the location a character. With the accents, statute of Paul Bunyan, etc. not in a comedic way, but a way that adds depth to the story.
    I spared no parenthesis for this comment.

    • Bernie and O. Henry! A movie and author I love but didn’t know of anyone else who knew it/read it. I actually have only read one O. Henry story. It was a short one about a bum named Soapy who’s trying to get arrested.

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