Theme: Brad Pitt; Week: March 28 – April 3/14

Mar 28-Apr 3 14

Snatch (2000, #94)
Se7en (1995, #22)
Inglourious Basterds (2009, #102)

So I’ve been told I resemble Brad Pitt. Yeah this is something I find hard to believe but can’t say I don’t like hearing it. But really, it’s because of his acting. Seriously! Would I trade in this head for that… that… hairy one? Don’t even get me started on my invaluable Carruthers eyebrows. I could smother ten terrorists with these bad boys.

This is my second favourite actor of all time (second only to the great Daniel Day Lewis) and I’ve been looking forward to having a MOTW dedicated to his great work. He is the fourth most represented actor on the IMDb top 250, and in my opinion the most underrated actor today. People forget how good he is and only remember that he’s one of the tabloids’ favourite cash cows. So let us all know which of these masterpieces deserves the attention this week.

NOTE: Obviously one of his best performances and greatest movies is missing: Fight Club. It is omitted, however, because it has already been up for MOTW. I love all three of the ones represented and wanted to see which of these would end up taking the cake.


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