Theme: Extreme Weather (Week: April 4-10/14)

This has been a harsh winter in the Maritimes. Because of this, the last three months were hard to bear, though it was nothing compared to the horrendous torture on Facebook and Twitter. Which reminds me, if you made any mention of the weather on a social networking site since Christmas, you should know that we are not on speaking terms.

Considering last week’s “blurricane” that happened in this part of the globe, the nominees this week are all movies that involve extreme weather:


SAND STORM: Lawrence of Arabia (1962, #80)
TORNADO: The Wizard of Oz (1939, #177)
BLIZZARD: Groundhog Day (1993, #213)


4 thoughts on “Theme: Extreme Weather (Week: April 4-10/14)

  1. I see these three selections and there is really just one winner here for me as I am not really a fan of Wizard of Oz and I never saw Lawrence of Arabia, and really didn’t care if I did. Groundhog day although not for everyone, would have been a difficult movie to make and yet, I feel that when watching it, I feel that I am reliving the same silly and crazy scenes all over again.

    Margaret Hamilton – best actress (she scared the crap out of me)
    Stephen Tobolowsky – best actor. (felt for this guy, but you just wanted to see if Phil was going to deck this guy)

  2. I’ve been thinking all week on this. Between the Wizard of Oz and Groundhog Day. (I haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia). I love Groundhog Day. It’s so funny…no matter how many times you watch it. But I don’t know if I can vote it over a classic like Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz is timeless. If you ask someone if they’ve seen Wizard, almost everyone would say yes. If you ask if they’ve seen Groundhog Day, I don’t think you’d get as strong a response. I think I have to stick with the classic, although it’s really hard to do this time. Love Groundhog Day, but the Wizard of Oz has the horse of a different colour.

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