Theme: Mafia! Week: May 9-15/14

It may sound morbid, but I love mob stories, and some of the best movies are “wise guys” movies. I deliberately left out The Godfather and The Godfather Part II because really, who can compete with them? I’ve found all three of these to be amazing. Riddled with swearing and killing? Well, yeah… sorry about that, but they’re still great movies. So, pick one and stick with it:

May9-15 14

1. Goodfellas (1990, #16)

2. The Departed (2006, #46)

3. Casino (1995, #145)

1 thought on “Theme: Mafia! Week: May 9-15/14

  1. Finally, a selection I can get into, thank you Troy. My first of all choices goes to my favourite movie, Goodfellas. Not only was this well written and well played out. You tend to leave this movie shaking your head realizing that this was a real life scenario. Then, there are so many other stories that you learn from the book that you do not see in the movie. Henry Hill is a guy that you feel sorry for even though he says it at the beginning, “even as a young kid, I always knew I wanted to be a gangster”. Casino is another movie that has many difficult parts to watch, however it has such a story of someone that went from very little all the way to the top to just see it fall apart. The Departed, this anticipated film was going to be a great with so many stars, and yet it fell flat in my eyes. #1 is Goodfellows by many many noses. #2 is Casino Distant #3 is The Departed Best actor – for once the Academy had it right, Pesci Best actress – Sharon Stone in Casino Best quote – What? Am I clown, do I amuse you?

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