Decade: 1920’s; Week: May 23-29/14

Time for the oldest of the oldies. There are only four movies on the top 250 list that came out in the 1920’s. All four are listed this week. If you haven’t seen any of them, you can find them on Youtube. If not there, try I have my favourite, but I’ll keep that in for now.


1. The Kid (1921, #102)
2. Metropolis (1927, #107)
3. The General (1926, #131)
4. The Gold Rush (1925, #134)


4 thoughts on “Decade: 1920’s; Week: May 23-29/14

  1. I have to go with The Kid…followed VERY closely by The Gold Rush. I love them both.
    Jackie Coogan was amazing in the kid. Sadly his parents spent all of his earnings, forcing the film industry to introduce laws to protect child actors.

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