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Theme: Animated Movies (Week: July 4-10)

Summer isn’t only for blockbusters. Like at Christmas time, there are always new animated movies. Even at 42 I’m still loving them. Which one will be this week’s movie? Spirited Away (2001, #36) The Lion King (1994, #57) Monsters, Inc. (2001, #225) Advertisements

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I remember when…

In our movie of the week, Memento, we have a character who suffers from a condition known as Anterograde Amnesia—an inability to create new memories while still being able to recall long-term memories. I thought it would be fitting to write … Continue reading

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Decade: 00’s; Week: June 27-July 3/14

All three of these movies blew me away. Please help me… I don’t want to pick… Memento (2000, #38) Pan’s Labyrinth (2006, #119) Hotel Rwanda (2004, #158)

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Can I, a dude, be a feminist?

I used to hate the term feminist. On the one hand, I grew up having a mom who was always a strong woman who believed in gender equality (though she avoided being labeled a femisist). And on the other hand, … Continue reading

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Who is the Queen of the Golden Age of Hollywood?

All of the women listed below were queens of film in their own right. There were also many others, and though I realize that this is a trio I cam up with myself, I wouldn’t doubt that it’s far from … Continue reading

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I gotta go see about a girl…

A character in Good Will Hunting wrestles with the idea of a career change. I love watching the process in this movie and I love what the process says to its viewers. I have personally changed vocations in the last … Continue reading

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Decade: 90’s; Week: June 13-19/14

It’s always tough to pick movies from the 90’s. It was such a great decade for movies. This week will it be a choice between the the bar of soap, the genius janitor, or the red pill? Fight Club (1999, #10) The … Continue reading

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