Theme: Animated Movies (Week: July 4-10)

Summer isn’t only for blockbusters. Like at Christmas time, there are always new animated movies. Even at 42 I’m still loving them. Which one will be this week’s movie?

July 4-10 14

Spirited Away (2001, #36)

The Lion King (1994, #57)

Monsters, Inc. (2001, #225)


3 thoughts on “Theme: Animated Movies (Week: July 4-10)

  1. Love all 3 but I’m going with Spirited Away. I was just able to pick up a 2 disc edition f My Neighbour Tortoro. The Studio Ghibli movies are right up there with Pixar. You are guaranteed a unique story that just doesn’t entertain you but sucks you into a world that we are strangers in. I may be mistaken but Spirited Away out grossed Titanic in Japan. If you haven’t seen this movie get some popcorn and enjoy the ride. It is also interesting that John Lassiter does intros (and gives high praise) to all the Disney dubbed Ghibli films. They did a really good job with the American voice actors.

  2. Monsters inc for the story line but Lion king for the amazing music.

    Best actor. Mike from Monsters Inc

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