Who is the King of the Golden Age of Hollywood? (July 11-17/14)

June 20-26-14


We found our queen, now who is the king? You will notice someone missing from the list and the reason is simple. There is one actor who is a kind of undisputed king. He’s head and shoulders above the others and it just wouldn’t be fair to put him in the running. Charlie Chaplin is in a class all his own, so I’ve left him out.

Like with the Queen of the Golden Age movie of the week, this is not only based on popularity and frequency of great movies, but also frequency of how appearances on the IMDb top 250 list. Here are the would-be kings:

Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca1942, #28)

James Stewart (Vertigo1958, #65)

Cary Grant (North by Northwest1959, #61)


4 thoughts on “Who is the King of the Golden Age of Hollywood? (July 11-17/14)

  1. That’s like asking “Which of your children do you love more?” Each has it’s own merits and weaknesses. Bogart had a lisp. Stewart had a stutter. Grant was a difficult actor. Grant and Stewart were Hitchcock’s go to guys. Bogart is a fantastic film noir detective and African Queen is one of my all time favourite films. You actually would have made the job easier by including Chaplin. Heston would have been a good choice as well. What about Cooper? Cagney? There is no correct answer this week. Bogart should win because of his higher ranking but logic doesn’t come into this. I abstain.

    • Hahaha. Can’t blame you there. I haven’t seen African Queen yet but was planning on watching it sometime this year. Now I’m even more stoked to see it. I know what you mean about other possible nominations. I was thinking Buster Keaton and Marlon Brando could be added. Soon I’ll need to do a modern-day-actors coronation.

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