Theme: AFI top 100; Week: Oct. 3-9/14

AFI 100

So back in 1997 the American Film Institute released a top 100 list of the greatest American movies ever made. They  update it every ten years and it’s interesting to compare it to IMDb’s top 250. I tend to agree with IMDb’s more, but I am quite shocked at some of the titles in AFI’s that is not on IMDb’s. Here are three. Which one should be deemed movie of the week?

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982, #24 on AFI’s list)

The Sound of Music (1965, #40 on AFI’s list)

American Graffiti (1973, #62 on AFI’s list)



5 thoughts on “Theme: AFI top 100; Week: Oct. 3-9/14

  1. I am strongly agreeing with Melissa.
    E.T. and Sound of Music? Not fair Troy. It’s like asking
    which one of your kids you love more!!
    Well, if a gun was to my head I would go with E.T.

  2. The correct answer should be All of the Above. I would lean towards Sound of Music personally as it is the most timeless of the three. Going back and watching E.T. was a little painful for me. I remembered it being so cutting edge but I guess we’re spoiled today with how real things can look.

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