If you love movies, you’ll love these guys


So I’ve made new friends. I listen to a podcast on my way to work that involves two guys, James and Zach, talking about movie lists and playing movie games: two things I love. I emailed them (at heyguys@cinereelists.com) and they read my email on their show. They watched and discussed a movie I a movie I recommended, and even promoted my blog on their site. You should check them out. Click on their logo above to access their site where you can find all of their episodes, lists, movie game rules, and other fun stuff.

One of the cool things they do is a “top ten last ten” where they each rank the last ten movies they’d seen and rank them against each other. So here  is the last ten movies I watched over the past few weeks and where I rank them according to how much I liked them (1 being the best of course).

10. GOD’S NOT DEAD (2013) – I begrudgingly give this movie 1/2 a star. It was presumptuous, pompous, and embarrassingly discriminatory. I believe in God and put my faith in him, but this movie does God no favours. However, I do tip my hat to one actress who did a scene where she breaks down emotionally and she did a great job at it.


9. THE SEVENTH SEAL (1957) – It’s old, Swedish, artistic, but I can’t say I enjoyed it much. Glad I saw it as it’s a classic, but I give it a 2.5 stars out of 5, which is basically a “meh.”


8. THE MALTESE FALCON (1941) – Despite how this list looks, I love old movies. I just wasn’t that much into this one. I enjoyed reading about it afterward more than anything. Another 2.5 stars.


7. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE (2013) – Very educational for me. Helped me understand my own kids. It’s a documentary on YouTubers. Wasn’t fantastic, but I enjoyed learning from it. I give it 3 stars. It was good.


6. THE HUNT (2012) – A heavy movie, but so well done. This Danish film has a plot that’s so realistic it could pass as biographic. The subject matter is disturbing, but not in a horrific way. Just in an imagine-if-that-really-happened-how-terrible-it-would-be kind of way. Very good movie. 3.5 stars.


5. LIKE STARS ON EARTH (2007) – Though this East Indian film (like it’s sister-movie Three Idiots) has a melodramatic flair that spares no cheese, it’s a powerful story that addresses childhood education and learning disorders. The child actor in it is about the best I’ve ever seen. Very inspiring, despite the corniness. 3.5 stars.


4. COHERENCE (2013) – Very original. This movie falls under the genre of “mumblecore” where actor ad lib the majority or all of the dialogue. It seems like you’re watching through a hidden camera and though there is nothing “scary” in the movie, it is so suspenseful and gripping you can’t look away. I give it 4 stars. You really should see it.


3. RUSH (2013) – If I told you what the plot was, I’m sure you would be uninterested. Most of you would anyway. Even if I told you it was closely based on a true story, which it is. And if you watched the first 20 minutes you might still think you could walk away. But this movie will do it to you… it will grab you eventually. It’s amazing that the main plot details actually happened. One of the characters it is based on put his own stamp of approval on it and said it was very accurate to what happened. I give it 4.5 stars. Oh, and did I mention that Thor’s in it??


2. FURY (2014) – This war story is told from the perspective of a tank and its operating soldiers. There is a scene in the middle of it that is unique, memorable and flawlessly performed. The action is great, the events compelling, and even though one of the best, Brad Pitt, is in it (and like always owns his performance), it is Shia LaBeouf who steals the show! I give it 4.5 stars and highly recommend it.


1. GONE GIRL (2014) – Amazing movie. My wife read the book and loved it. I wanted to see it with her but I saw it as a movie that she would love and that I would like. Then I started to hear the reviews; and they were all right. It is creative, unique, a well crafted story and twists like I haven’t seen in a movie for a very long time. 5 stars.



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