Best Movie Scrooge? – Week: Dec 19-25/14

Christmas Carol 2014

People often talk about their favourite version of the Christmas Carol they like best. In my experience I hear the following ones mentioned most. A big one that is not on this list is Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983) but I decided to leave it out as it is technically a short, not a full-length movie.

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

2. A Christmas Carol (1951) {The Alastair Sim one}

3. A Christmas Carol (2009) {The Jim Carrey one}

4. Scrooged (1988)



8 thoughts on “Best Movie Scrooge? – Week: Dec 19-25/14

  1. This one is hard. Very hard. While, Scrooged was great, I think I’m going to stick a little closer to the “classic” story. I’ve never seen the Jim Carrey one, so it’s down to Muppets and Alastair Sim. I’m completely torn between these two. While I’ve just seen the Alastair Sim one for the first time this year, it was done very well. And through my life, I’ve heard many, many people say that this is their favourite version. The Muppets is also done very well and has excellent songs in it. I love having a Charles Dickens character narrating through and I am inspired by the line in the last song, “Every night will end and every day will start with a grateful prayer and a thankful heart.” While I want to choose Alastair Sim because this has been a classic and favourite of many for so long, I think the Muppets may squeak ahead by Gonzo’s nose.

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