Theme: 90’s; Week: Feb 6-12/15

feb 6-12-14

As much as I love the movies and culture of the 70’s and 80’s, I have to admit that the 90’s was one incredible decade for movies. I think I have more favourites from this time than any other decade.

All three of this week’s nominees are on IMDb’s top 250 and I love all three of them. Which one do you think should be this week’s movie?

1. The Sixth Sense (1999, #164)

2. The Truman Show (1998, #236)

3. Jurassic Park (1993, #239)


6 thoughts on “Theme: 90’s; Week: Feb 6-12/15

  1. Definitely JP. All imagination and led to more movies, books, toys and of course McDonald’s happy meals.

    Actor. Jim Carrey

    Quote: hold onto your butts

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  2. I’ve only seen two of these three movies, JP never even enticed me. Sorry but not my kind of entertainment. That being said I did like Truman Show but not as much as I liked Sixth Sense. So for me my vote goes to SS.

  3. Ty and I just watched The Sixth Sense this week. I had not seen it since it was in the theatre and I couldn’t believe it still had such an impact. Ty loved it, and he does not like being scared, or creepiness (soundly wondering why I thought it was a good pick for him…) It gets my vote.
    That being said, Truman was Jim Carry at his best. Still bitter he was robbed of an Oscar…ROBBED I say!

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