Theme: Best Love Story (Week: Feb 13-19/15)

Feb 13-19-15

Last year several movies were voted on with Carl and Ellie from Up winning by a landslide. This time around I’m not sure who will get it. Which do you think should be this week’s movie/love story ?

1. Forrest and Jenny from Forrest Gump (1994, #13)

2. WALL-E and EVE from WALL·E (2008, #62)

3. Rocky and Adrian from Rocky (1976, #224)

4. Joe Bradley and Princess Ann from Roman Holiday (1953, #241)


8 thoughts on “Theme: Best Love Story (Week: Feb 13-19/15)

  1. Easy one for me…”yo Adrian, I did it”, which is from Rocky 2 but you get the picture.

    Best quote and proposal: “just wondering if you wanted to get married or something”

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  2. I have to go with Rocky and Adrian as well. For the most part the the Forrest, Jenny one is one sided. We get to see the awkward beginning with Rocky as well as how they work through different issues in their life.

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