Theme: CARRazzies; Week: Feb 27-Mar 5/15

Razzies 2015

It’s finally here folks! Today Hollywood, yea the world, is celebrating the great movies of 2014. But what about the reeking pile of rancid celluloid that gets overlooked year after year? Why can’t terrible movies get their recognition?

Well this is your chance! It’s the CARRAZZIES 2015!*

Here’s how to vote: I pray to God that none of you have been subjected to this week’s nominees, so simply 1) read the plot description for each nominee below, 2) decide which one would be the most effective use of torture on you if held captive at Guantanamo Bay, and 3) give that bad boy a vote!

Carrazzies 2015



*There is an already established website that gives such awards. So I guess they DO get their recognition, but this is my version and it’s based on the IMDb bottom 100. And it’s a much better award, don’t you think?


5 thoughts on “Theme: CARRazzies; Week: Feb 27-Mar 5/15

  1. Birdemic: Shock and Terror

    I would love it if my footsteps caused explosions with each foot fall. And dual swords, no one would dare make fun of me. YEAH sounds like a good life!

    Where can I find these dual swords????

  2. Am I crazy that other than Glitter the other descriptions make me want to see those movies. So I guess I’d vote for Glitter as it sounds boring. Now to watch some attacking eagles and exploding footsteps.

  3. My apologies… Somehow the plot descriptions of #1 and #3 got mixed up. You may have wondered by Birdemic was about an giant woman with dual swords and why Blubberella’s plot description coincidentally uses the term “birdemic.” Sheeeeesh!

  4. No I don’t think you’re crazy Kirk. Though I’m not sure I’d actually be able to finish any of these.

    Mama C, I agree: Dual swords would just rock. Funny thing that the poster looks like she has dual machine guns, not swords. Blubberella sure has got it made.

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