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Theme: Easter; Week: Apr 3-9/15

If you’re wondering why Jesus of Nazereth isn’t in the list, it’s because that was actually a TV series. However, if you think it deserves a vote, go ahead. Free country and all. And remember, this is a vote for … Continue reading

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Why The Wizard of Oz is the the most dominant movie of all time and two others that just might replace it

Debates about “the greatest movie ever made” are long discussions. Not all of us would agree on which movie would get that distinction, but can any of us deny that Wizard of Oz is THE most dominant movie of pop culture? … Continue reading

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Theme: 1930’s; Week: March 27-April 2/15

It still amazes me how high of quality movies were even in the industry’s infancy. These three are real gems, but which is your pick for this week’s movie? 1. Modern Times (1936, IMDb#40) 2. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939, IMDb … Continue reading

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Soundtracks of Life

I have always loved how the richest, most influential people in the world are largely storytellers. Jennifer Lawrence, George Lucas, Brad Pitt, Sofia Vergara, J. J. Abrams, Vince McMahon—to name a few. But being a movie fan I sometimes forget … Continue reading

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For Reels: Snowstorm movies

If you’re bored in this yet another snow day for the great north-east, perhaps you will enjoy the following. Feel free to add your own opinions, just as long as they don’t contradict my own. TOP 7 MOVIES WITH SNOWSTORMS IN THEM:   … Continue reading

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Decade: The 00’s; Week: Mar 20-26/15

When speaking of the decade of 2000-20009, I think we should call it the 00’s, pronounced “oohs.” It really was a great decade for movies, and all three of these great flicks are absent from both IMDb’s and AFI’s lists, but … Continue reading

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15 things you didn’t know about Gregory Peck

He was almost Batman. Orson Welles wanted to make a Batman movie with Peck as Bruce Wayne. It just never happened. His earliest movie memory is watching The Phantom of the Opera (1925) and being so scared that his grandmother … Continue reading

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