Theme: the 80’s; Week: Apr 10-16/15

Apr 10-16-15

If you weren’t around in the 80’s you just don’t understand.

Here are three movies that were made in the 80’s and that I watched in the 80’s. Which will be this week’s movie?

1. The Lost Boys (1987; EMP #275)

2. Predator (1987; EMP #108)

3. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982; EMP #89)

10 thoughts on “Theme: the 80’s; Week: Apr 10-16/15

  1. I remember seeing Lost Boys in a preview double bill with Ernest Goes To Camp, figure that pairing out LOL. It was really the first ‘horror’ movie I went to and I remember it creeped me out. Keifer Sutherland and the Frog brothers really stood out. Haven’t watched it since 1990’s so not sure if it holds up now.
    Predator and Star Trek 2 I did not see in the theatre but both left a lasting impression. Arn was great in Predator as he stood up to the unstoppable alien. The support cast was fantastic as well. The facing of the unknown and changing tactics to eventually defeat the hunter was a great theme. Stands up so much better than the sequel with Danny Glover.
    ST2:WOK began the odd sequence in the Star Trek movies of every second one being great, think I’m crazy, Wrath of Khan, Voyage Home… To bring back a storyline from the original television series, with the original actors. Fantastic! The scene of them searching for each other in the nebula? is so reminiscent of submarine movies. The creatures put in Chekov’s ear, shivers! This delivered everything ST fans had expected from the first movie but just weren’t there. The fact the reboot tweaked the story a couple of years ago and still stayed faithful to the story just goes to show you how much the original movie meant to fans. I remember Danny McMunn saying “I’m positive that the bad guy is Khan but they haven’t said so in the trailers.” This will be my pick for the week because it is the one I would recommend to anyone with no reservations, and even watch it with them.

    Best Actor- Arnold Was hitting his peak here and he comes across as a good leader who is trying to do his job, keep his men alive, and deal with a government agent who just isn’t
    saying everything he knows.

    Best Scene- Before the vampires became ‘sparkly’ and popular my favorite scene is the Frog brothers, the 2 Coreys, getting ready for the final confrontation based on their research from comic books. They end up using everything that kids their age had access to, remember this was before you could look up on the internet how to build weapons. Fun scene.

    Best Quote- Captain Kirk as he realizes that Khan may have left the Enterprise stranded- KKKHHHAAANNN!!!!!!!!!!!!. Typical Shatner over the top stuff.

  2. I was around in the eighties but I was a little busy raising four kids so movies, unless it was Disney were not on my agenda, and after watching the trailers to these three movies I am GLAD I was too busy to go see them. If I have to pick one, I’d have to say Predator because it has no vampires (at least I don’t think it does) and it isn’t Star Trek. Nuff said.

  3. I’ll have to go with Predator. Fantastic film, and one that manages to cover the best things about 80s action and 80s scifi, while not being dumb about it.

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