5 thoughts on “Theme: The Greatest Movies You Didn’t Know Were Disney; Week: Apr 17-23/15

  1. The only one I’ve seen is The Odd Life of Timothy Green, and I’m thinking there’s got to be better. I haven’t heard a lot of comments about Miracle, so I’m going to go with Remember the Titans.

  2. I’ve seen Remember the Titans and Miracle and I remember liking the Titans but Miracle I saw recently and I loved it. So as much as I love Denzel I think my vote will go to Miracle.

  3. I have seen all three and Remember The Titans wins by a land slide. I think that movie is the very reason all 4 of my boys play football.
    Denzel and football …..what more could you possibly want in a movie?

    (When Ty started playing a few years ago he had long flowing golden locks. They dubbed him “Sunshine” and it stuck. I am sure a few of his team mates don’t even know his name.)

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