Pick your Movie of the Week: Social Justice! (Jan 22-28/16)

Jan 22-28-16

There are so many incredible movies about social action, it’s hard to pick just a few. These are four from the last 10 years that I enjoyed very much and that have not come up yet. Which one would you picks for this week’s movie?

1. Blood Diamond (2006)
2. Waiting for ‘Superman’ (2010)
3. Amazing Grace (2006)
4. Selma (2014)


9 thoughts on “Pick your Movie of the Week: Social Justice! (Jan 22-28/16)

  1. This is probably one of the toughest choices you’ve put in front of me. It wasn’t my favourite of the four but I am going to vote for Blood Diamond as I believe it raised the most awareness of the four. Amazing Grace and Selma remind us of where we were and a reminder of why we still need to fight for acceptance of all human beings as being equal. Even if we weren’t doing it before and after watching the movies we already knew deep down inside what was right. Waiting For Superman sheds a lot of unflattering light on the American public education system. Initially I think it did some good although I think it’s power has faded. Because of the movie Blood Diamond, every jewelry store in the world has to train their staff how to answer the question “Is this a Blood Diamond?” It became a part of our thinking. It spoke into our privileged life styles. Who wants to think about people who suffered on the day you got engaged? BTW after saying yes to my proposal the first thing my wife to be asked me was “Is this a Blood Diamond?” I had known enough to ask when I bought it so as long as no one lied to me to make a sale (can’t imagine that happening) I was able to say no it is not.

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