Pick your Movie of the Week: Best Picture 2016! (Feb 19-25/16)

Feb 19-25-16

There are 8 movies nominated this year for best picture at the Academy Awards on Feb 28 (There should be 9, or at least replace The Martian with Ex Machina). It’s anybody’s game, though I did make my own predictions last week, which can be found here.

Which one do you think will win the Oscar (and the esteemed Movie of the Week)?


The Big Short The Martian
Bridge of Spies The Revenant
Brooklyn Room
Mad Max: Fury Road Spotlight

Movie of the Week


5 thoughts on “Pick your Movie of the Week: Best Picture 2016! (Feb 19-25/16)

  1. As a reminder, if you haven’t seen any of these or only a few, feel free to rate according to which one you’re most anticipating to see, or which one you find has the most interesting plot description on IMDb (click on any movie title and its IMDb page will pop up in a new tab).

  2. I have not seen any of these movies but after watching the trailers I would have to say they are movies I would like to see except for Mad Max (sorry but big trucks and dirt holds no appeal for me). However I need to pick one, so I am going with Bridge of Spies mainly because of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.

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