As messed up as the Academy can be, I have to admit that I enjoy the Oscars. I like to see great movies get recognized. Here are a few more top tens in celebration of the upcoming show:

The top 10 times that the Academy got it wrong:

10. Dances with Wolves winning over Goodfellas

9. My Fair Lady winning over Dr. Strangelove

8. The Apartment winning over Psycho, which wasn’t even nominated!

7. Going My Way winning over Double Indemnity

6. How Green Was My Valley winning over Citizen Kane

5. Chariots of Fire winning over Raiders of the Lost Ark

4. Ordinary People winning over Raging Bull

3. The English Patient winning over Fargo

2. Shakespeare in Love winning over Saving Private Ryan

1. No Country for Old Men winning over There Will Be Blood


My top 10 favourite Best Picture winners:

10. Amadeus

9. Slumdog Millionaire

8. Rain Man

7. Gladiator

6. Braveheart

5. Forrest Gump

4. The Godfather

3. The Godfather Part II

2. Schindler’s List

1. Rocky

Congratulations Room. This is your week.

I chose this one not because it was my favourite of 2015, but because it is so amazing. Easily a best picture winner for the year. Joy and I watched it and were wrapped up from beginning to end.

And the Oscar goes to…

Best Actress: Charlize Theoron in Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Actor: Tom Hardy in The Revenant 

Best Quote: “F*** you Mars.” – Matt Damon as Mark Watney in The Martian. 


7 thoughts on “Oscar!

  1. Question regarding the Oscars getting it wrong with Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan (I’ve seen neither, but I feel confident that I would agree with you on this one). Would they have gotten it wrong if Life Is Beautiful won over Saving Private Ryan? Curious about your thoughts on this one.

    • That is a great question Lisa. And as much as I can’t believe I’m about to say this, I’m afraid I can’t deny it. Yes they would have. To me, LIB is flawless. It says so much in such simple and meaningful ways. However, even though I place it higher than every movie I’ve ever seen, the Oscars are about achievement, and what SPR achieved in its production just can’t be denied. Know what I mean?

      • I do know what you mean. Not having seen SPR, I don’t have a way to be objective. But when I look at LIB I see a movie that is, like you said, flawless. And when I think about Roberto Benigni writing, directing and superbly starring in the film, that is an awesome achievement. I think it should’ve won best picture, but that’s because I can’t find a reason why not.

        But, that’s just one sister’s very biased opinion. (insert smiley face or winking emoticon here).

  2. Lisa, Life is Beautiful deserved Best Picture over Private Ryan.
    Shakespeare had no business there (I do like the movie, just not in the same league…and don’t get me started on Gwyneth Paltrow’s win).
    One cousin’s biased opinion here…

    However, Troy, I do disagree with you on a few of your beefs….maybe it is a gender thing.
    Beautiful scenery, Amazing acting, great heart wrenching stories such as Dances with Wolves, and The English patient deserved the win….as did My Fair Lady. I can still watch each of those films over and over….Why do you like murder so much Troy?

    Happy to hear you had a warm vacation. You are right, you both deserved it.

    • I never thought of it that way…so much murder! But I have to say, time has complemented the “should-haves” very well. I really liked Dances with Wolves and The English Patient, and they’re still good ones. But nobody talks about those movies anymore. Even AFI put Fargo on their top 100 movies of all time list and not The English Patient.

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