Oscars Quiz – Answers and Winner

Congratulations Petrina!!!
She answered the most questions correctly in this year’s Oscar Quiz. Here are the answers:

1. Which of the following movies did NOT win every award it was nominated for at the Oscars?

d) Ben-Hur

2. What was the first movie to win best picture that was NOT in black and white?

a) Gone With the Wind

3. Only three movies have ever swept the top “big five” major awards (best picture, actor, actress, director and screenplay). Which of the following is NOT one of them?

c) The Bridge on the River Kwai

4. In 1973, Marlon Brando refused his Oscar award for his role in The Godfather. Why did he do this?

b) To protest the treatment of Native Americans in the film industry

5. In the Academy Awards’ 88-year history, how many animated movies have received a nomination for best picture?

d) 3

6. Who holds the record of most Best Actress wins at 4?

b) Katherine Hepburn

7. Only one actor has managed to win the Best Actor award three times, which is the record. Who is it?

a) Daniel Day-Lewis

8. Who is the only person to win an Oscar for playing a member of the opposite sex?

d) Linda Hunt for The Year of Living Dangerously

9. What was the first year that presenters started saying “And the Oscar goes to…” abandoning the previously used, “And the winner is…”?

c) 1988

10. In 1974, Actor David Niven was about to introduce Elizabeth Taylor who would reveal the winner of the best picture award. What interrupted his introduction?

b) A naked man running across the stage

BONUS: Which movie won best picture that year (for 1973)? The Sting


2 thoughts on “Oscars Quiz – Answers and Winner

  1. Wow, I don’t know what to say…Leo and I both get our first win in the same week….Everything’s Coming up Milhouse.

  2. My calculations suggest I only got 5 correct.
    Jamie, I am disappointed in your performance.
    Troy, I am glad you can’t play.

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