Pick your movie of the week: Batman v Superman! (Apr 1-7/16)


In honour of the release of Batman v Superman, this week we’re going to choose between these two based on 4 movies, 2 from each hero. Feel free to pick either the movie you think is the best or the hero you think is the best. Picking both would be preferred, though…

Batman (1989)                                Superman (1978)
The Dark Knight (2008)               Man of Steel (2013)

Movie of the Week


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I am a franchise owner/technician specializing in mobile auto paint and tire rim repair. I live in New Brunswick, Canada, with my wife and children whom I love even more than movies.
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12 Responses to Pick your movie of the week: Batman v Superman! (Apr 1-7/16)

  1. Jerry hicks says:

    just saw Batman v Superman….awesome movie even though i had some reservations about seeing it. I just did t want to see two good guys going at it but now i get it….it was that nasty ol lLex Luther..played so very well by Jessie Eiseman..wow.
    Ok I also need to admit to being a Man of Steel fan over Batman and also a huge Henry Cavill fan as well. He is nust thr best Superman ever!

  2. I choose The Dark Knight!

  3. The 1989 Batman. Yes…I know…The Dark Knight…Heath Ledger as the Joker….yadda yadda yadda. But if I’m looking at the super heroes, Michael Keaton was definitely the best Batman.

  4. Jamie says:

    Superman 1978

    Best Actor Christopher Reeve, enough said!
    Best Supporting Actor Jack Nicholson
    Best Actress Margot Kidder

  5. Mama C says:

    I have not seen any of these movies but I will go with Superman because it is my experience that the older the movie the better I like it.

  6. Petrina says:

    Superman 1978
    However, my version did not have Jack Nicholson, Jamie, it had Gene Hackman.

  7. Obviously, favorite hero… Superman! Favorite of these movies… wow.. so hard… but I think I am going to go with Man of Steel because I have always loved Cavill, he was my hope for Superman back when he was on the list for Superman Returns.
    Here is my review of BvS if you’d like to know.


  8. Kirk Perry says:

    Well my favourite one is not listed Superman 2. This means of the ones listed I’m going with Batman 1989. and Batman for superhero. Best actor Gene Hackman as Lex Luthur

    • Superman 2 is my favourite Superman by far. I was going to use it as a nominee but I was shocked to see that the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie had a higher rating than S2 on IMDb. Should’ve gone with my original idea…

  9. Joy Carruthers says:

    Man of Steel

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