Pick your movie of the week: 2nd Place for 2008! (Sept 16-27/16)


For the year 2008 the Academy Award for Best Picture went to Slumdog Millionaire. This week, let us know who you think would have taken 2nd place for that year. Here are the movies that were also nominated, listed in alphabetical order:

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
(IMDb: 7.8; Rotten Tomatoes: 72%)

2. Frost/Nixon
(IMDb rating: 7.7; Rotten Tomatoes: 92%)

3. Milk
(IMDb rating: 7.6; Rotten Tomatoes: 94%)

4. The Reader
(IMDb rating: 7.6; Rotten Tomatoes: 61%)

Movie of the Week


About troycarruthers

I am a franchise owner/technician specializing in mobile auto paint and tire rim repair. I live in New Brunswick, Canada, with my wife and children whom I love even more than movies.
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5 Responses to Pick your movie of the week: 2nd Place for 2008! (Sept 16-27/16)

  1. Petrina says:

    I think I have to go with The Reader….Milk a close second.

  2. Jamie says:

    Milk from me please. All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those words.

  3. Mama C says:

    The Reader………..it sounds interesting. Well, all of them do but I had to pick one.

  4. Joy Carruthers says:

    The reader

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