Pick your movie of the week: Computers! (April 7-13/17)

Every movie this week has computers or the Internet as a major part of the plot. Which one would you choose to be the movie of the week?

WarGames (1983)

Sneakers (1992)

The Net (1995)

The Imitation Game (2014)


About troycarruthers

I am a franchise owner/technician specializing in mobile auto paint and tire rim repair. I live in New Brunswick, Canada, with my wife and children whom I love even more than movies.
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8 Responses to Pick your movie of the week: Computers! (April 7-13/17)

  1. Kirk Perry says:

    No one else will vote for this because they probably haven’t seen it but Sneakers. I loved that movie. I think it was one of River’s last.

  2. mama c says:

    Actually I am going to pick Sneakers as well because of the cast. I feel I may have seen The Net but it is so long ago I am not sure. The rest I know I have not seen. When the hair turns grey the mind goes grey as well !!!!

  3. Petrina says:

    I loved Sneakers…haven’t thought of it for a long time. Great movie, great cast.
    Thanks for digging that one up Troy.

  4. Jamie says:


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