A pic is worth a thousand texts (part ii)

This was a fun exercise last time, so here we go again. We’ll start with the time I won the NWE Heavyweight Championship. Or at least I managed to get my hands on it. Immediately I thought to myself, I must quickly get in front of an Amonia Detection Alarm sign and get a shot of this!

So yeah, these are just random pictures that happen to be on my phone, some of which I completely forgot about. This one I did not forget, however. My daughter is working part-time as a greeter at a department store (I won’t name said store, unless they plan to pay me a marketing fee.), and I got a quick shot of her greeting me. She is such a sweetheart.

And while doing a repair at a dealership in Fredericton I saw this sign in a downstairs staff bathroom. It was so poetically composed I just had to share!

I was filling out a form online—I believe it was for shipping info—it only gave me two choices for identifying which “region” I lived in:
Then there was the time I forgot my coffee at home. Joy texted me the bad news when I was half way to Saint John and this was my reply/reaction. And if you’re concerned, yes I pulled over and took the pic. PSA: Don’t photograph and drive.

So I went to a drugstore to get passport pictures done and the photographer told me that we had to retake them because there was a glare at the top of my head (her words). She sent me to the make up section of the store where they applied some kind of face powder on my head. This was the result. Sigh…


But I was cheered up going to an antique store and finding this spectacular picture of the whitest, most Catholic Jesus I have ever seen. And to think, some people were upset over the depiction of a black Santa. Is this one the Welsh version of Christ or something?

Pretty proud of my new-to-me work vehicle and the new-to-the-vehicle signs on the sides and back.

And my job I did today.

But my favourite it this doggo who came to hang with me while I worked. I was in a customer’s driveway last fall and this  came trotting over licking my ears while I was laying down under the bumper. I didn’t say anything to the owner because 1) I didn’t want to embarrass them and 2) I was loving it. He was the size of a cantaloupe (though not as heavy) but had the confidence of a lion. Brought me his toy to show off and play tug-of-war.

Then he laid down on my drop cloth and rested there while I worked. We’re buds now. We snapchat and stuff.

Congratulations Old Yeller. This is your week.

And the Oscar goes to…

Best Actress: Jane Lynch as Christy Cummings in Best in Show.

Best Actor: Owen Wilson as John in Marley and Me.

Best Quote: “If you’re ever buying a shampoo sink go right to the Dutch. The French know nothing about shampooing.” — Michael Kean as Stephan Vanderhoof in Best in Show.

Also found this little gem. I was looking at old photos and decided to take a snap of this one so I could have it on my phone. Leah, 5-yo. Erika, 3-yo. Lukey, brand spankin’ new.

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